Heart Bypass Surgery in Turkey

Heart Bypass Surgery in Turkey is now accessible through WORLD MEDICAL TRAVEL. The cost of bypass surgery is  more low and at the same time high quality The stuff of World Medical Travel will arrange your treatment from the beginning till your return home and be sure that we will always be your health advocate. We have a partnership with Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals (American Hastanesi, World Medical Park, International Hospital)  what is considered as a QUALITY MARK for the hospital and have enough skills to chose the best one for our clients.

Treatment in Turkey is considerably less expensive than in USA or in  Germany, the range is 30-50% less  and the quality is proved by Joint Commission International. This means that you will have equal treatment with less money.

World class hospitals, such as American Hastanesi (certified by the JCI), are selected by World Medical Travel to perform cardio surgical operations. This hospital is staffed by top-notch surgeons, with significant experience in their field of medicine.

Enjoy you treatment in Turkey. You will enjoy the service, the quality of treatment and sure the view of the only city of two continents from your hospital room.

We have highly qualified stuff of interpreters. We speak in more than 12 Languages in World Medical Travel. And as long as we are a part of World Medicine Group of Companies  you can relay and entrust us your health.

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